Parent Tips

Junior Clinic Parent Tips

For the most fun possible
Mike Warobick Golf Academy

@ theUS1 Golf Center. Inc.

This program has been year around since 1991 at the US1 Golf Center.

It is a “come as you can clinic” with no pre-registration or multiple class registration required. Come once or come every week. M

Mike Warobick, PGA and Ben Rotgers, PGA began the program with the vision to introduce a younger generation to Golf than the typical golf facility included. At that time we started at 4 years old and $2 per child (currently $5) to give all children an opportunity to participate. We now have parents who attended as children bringing their children. The goal is still to introduce children to golf and help them build skill in a fun, exciting, non­ intimidating way. Mike and Ben have designed it to be fun and skill-building. As of 2011, we aver­age 40 participants and have 3 instructors plus an assistant for the 3-5 year olds. We have found several ways parents can enhance their child’s learning process and enjoyment of the golf clinic. We hope sharing these will help you understand the teaching format we have found most effective:

  • Encourage-Their skill will improve every time they participate. Golf is not a game of per­fection but of near misses?. Have funH help count points in the putting & chipping stations.  Cherry and have fun with them if you like.  We don’t have to be quiet at this clinic!
  • Let them do it please-Parents often want to go up on the tee and move a child’s arms. etc. Please stay visible & close enough to encourage but let them actually learn the skill by do­ing it themselves. Most children grasp it pretty quickly on their own through demonstration & imitation and practicing the drills. Offering your own instructional commands during the clinic also distracts your child and the other students from participating and listening to the in­structor. Many of the commonly recognized golf cliche’s are actually detrimental to the devel­oping golfer. However if you see an urgent safety issue, please address it or call the instruc­tor’s attention to it.
  • Individual Lessons-The clinic does not provide the opportunify for individual instruction geared to the individual needs of your child because it leaves out the rest of the class. The instructor will demonstrate and provide drills with occasional suggestions to help individuals. We do offer private instruction if you would like more individual attention customized to your child. Some children are also happier in a one on one environment than in a clinic setting.
  • Snacks-If you child has allergies or special needs regarding the snacks, please help them pick out their snacks if necessary. A canned soda and 2 snacks from our snack bin come with the clinic. We do charge a small up-charge for water, Gatorade or other bottled drinks.
  • Pictures and short videos are occasionally taken at the clinic for our use in mar­keting and documenting our program. We do not use names. If you object to your child appear­ing in group participation shots. please reconsider participation in the clinic. We cannot be re­sponsible for avoiding individuals.