It is safe to say Mike Warobick LOVES golf! If you ask him, his mission is to help as many people as possible learn and enjoy the great game his uncle, Lou Warobick, PGA, introduced him to many years ago. He loves seeing people get excited about making a shot they thought they couldn’t make or sometimes it’s just a matter of connecting with the golf ball. Then there is the toddler in the Junior Clinic who just hit a great shot in “TV Golf”, bends down to put a ball on the tee & you can see she’s still wearing training diapers! Never too young, never too old!

“The US 1 Golf Center was my dream for a safe learning environment for people of all ages to come and learn the game. Whether through instruction, club-fitting or practice we try to maintain a friendly casual atmosphere where people can feel at home. We are blessed that the people of Brevard County continue to call this their home away from home! What a privilege to know that many of the students we have taught and properly fit for clubs and/or employed since 1981 or watched in the Junior Tour we administered for many years have become top high school & college players, PGA Professionals, and even gone on tour.  The US 1 Golf Center is a family business, Ben Rotgers, PGA is my step-son, my wife Ruth is very involved also. We are thankful for the continued support of the community for what we do.”